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We collaborate with event teams, emergency services, private suppliers and others to provide comprehensive emotional health support.


Craig Grant

Sergeant, Station Commander and MERC, Victoria Police

The innovation and support the team behind EventCare have provided over the past 7 years has been outstanding. Their level of commitment and genuine care in an evolving space has provided an integral link between patrons and event management stakeholders ensuring a safe environment for all.


Dee Jarrett

Manager, Communications, Marketing and Events, The University of Melbourne Student Union

Having the team behind EventCare at our student events gives us peace of mind knowing we can make a difference to the way we look after our students and our team. 

EventCare improves the quality of our events.


Ethan Dooley

Managing Director, 1300MEDICS

I truly enjoyed working with the team behind EventCare and witnessing their dedication and professionalism. Their commitment to ensuring the well-being of attendees was exceptional throughout our collaboration. EventCare provides invaluable mental health and emotional support at events. 


Ellen Sproule

Workforce Manager, Untitled Group

We are incredibly grateful for the professional counselling services provided by EventCare at one of our multi-day camping festivals. They assisted us in creating a safe and supportive environment for both our staff members and patrons.