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About Us

Since 2014, our team has been entrusted to provide dedicated emotional support services at a range of events. In 2023 EventCare was launched as an independent collaboration committed to providing effective emotional support for events across Australia.

We draw from a range of disciplines including counselling, social work, psychology, effective communication in health settings, health promotion, risk management, event management, project management, coaching, and human relations. We provide services to meet the emotional support requirements of event workers and attendees.

Our professional care team comprises qualified professionals who are adept at delivering emotional assistance during events. With their expertise, we ensure that emotional well-being is prioritised and workers and attendees can receive appropriate and immediate care. As part of this service, we can assist event producers to develop organisation-wide emotional support action plans for events. These plans ensure a coordinated and multi-agency approach to address emotional support needs.

We also offer workshops and training programs to provide event teams with practical tools and skills to proactively support emotional health. By equipping event workers with valuable skills and knowledge, we actively foster an environment where emotional well-being is nurtured at every stage - before, during, and after the event.


Sometimes we all experience difficulties that can feel distressing or overwhelming, even when we least expect it.

We provide services to meet the emotional support requirements of event workers and attendees