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Dedicated Emotional Support

Since 2014 our team has been entrusted to provide dedicated emotional support services for event workers and attendees

 Supporting Emotional Health

A dedicated emotional support team for your event

We offer a dedicated emotional support services team to be available on-site and off-site during your event to provide immediate, personalised, short-term help to workers and attendees when distressing, challenging or overwhelming things happen.

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Our Professional Support Team are qualified in a minimum of counselling, social work or psychology

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Collaborative approach for emotional support and wellbeing

We have extensive experience collaborating with event teams, emergency services, suppliers and other event providers to ensure a comprehensive approach for emotional support and well-being.

As part of this service, we can develop emotional support action plans for your event. These plans ensure a coordinated and multi-agency approach to address emotional support needs.

Provide your team with our practical tools and skills to support emotional health