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Our Real Stories

Sometimes we all experience difficulties that can feel distressing or overwhelming, even when we least expect it.

I can’t finish my shift..

Joanne, Worker

A worker at an event, Joanne was asked by her manager to see the Emotional Support Team when she was experiencing anxiety and had a panic attack. The Emotional Support Team provided psychoeducation re: panic attack cause, symptoms and strategies, including breathing techniques, to help Joanne understand the nature of panic attacks. Joanne developed a plan with appropriate support. 

I thought I’d be okay..

Sully, Attendee

Sully sought out mental health support at an event he and his mate, Justin had attended together each year for over a decade. 

Justin had died in a car accident six months prior and this was the first time Sully went to the event solo without his good friend by his side. Sully thought he was slowly coming to terms with the loss of Justin, but being at the event brought the pain and grief of his loss flooding back. 

Sully was determined to stay at the event, as he wanted to honour the history and significance of the experiences he and Justin had shared at the event over the years. 

To do this, he called on the Emotional Support Team for support many times throughout the event, when his sadness and grief became too much. He was proud that he found a way to stay at the event and honour Justin. 

I’ve lost my routine..

Sophie, Attendee

Sophie has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which is usually well managed by medication, regular sessions with her psychologist and a healthy lifestyle. 

She is committed to being an active participant in managing her mental health. Sophie attended an event away from home, which meant a complete change in her sleeping patterns, and she forgot to take her medications at the regular times or missed a dose altogether. 

Sophie sought out the Emotional Support Team as she began feeling depressed and worried that she would spiral even lower. Support was provided for the remainder of the event and a plan was developed which included setting up a reminder system for her to take her medication, frequent check-ins with the Emotional Support Team and making an urgent appointment with her psychologist when she got home, so she could quickly get back on track. 

I couldn’t believe my eyes..

Matt, Worker

Matt, had an epileptic fit while working at an event. The medical team attended to Matt and the Emotional Support Team was called in to support the witnesses. 

Each person had a different reaction and response, ranging from extreme distress to shock. The Emotional Support Team checked in and continued to support these people throughout the event, as they came to grips with and made sense of what they had experienced. 

May contain traces of nuts…

Darcy, Attendee

Not knowing his friend had a nut allergy, a patron at an event, Darcy gave Russell some food containing nuts. It became a medical emergency and Russell was treated by the medical team for an extended period. 

The Emotional Support Team was called to support Darcy, who had provided the food to Russell, along with his girlfriend. Both were extremely distressed, especially Darcy. The Emotional Support Team provided a supportive environment for Darcy, crisis counselling and post event follow up with counselling referrals. 

Providing a reassuring, supportive, listening presence, meant the medical team could focus on their clinical work, knowing the Emotional Support Team was supporting the worried, distressed friends. 

I need to be in two places at once…

Finn, Worker

A worker at an event, Finn, received news from home that his lifelong friend, Dan had unexpectedly died the night before. 

Finn expressed a wish to remain at the event until he had fulfilled his work obligations the following evening and would then leave the event and go home. Immediate crisis counselling was provided for Finn and arrangements were made for him to meet with the Emotional Support Team as needed to support him for the remainder of his time onsite, as he processed a range of emotions and thoughts.

 Post event, contact was made with Finn to provide further support and provide him with counselling referrals in his local area. 

I did not expect this…

Remy, Attendee

A group of three friends travelled interstate to attend an event. On arrival, Remy received news that his Dad, back home, just had a heart attack and may not survive. 

Remy and his partner, Lucy decided to fly home immediately, while the third person in the group, Alex decided to remain at the event. All three received crisis counselling from the Emotional Support Team. 

Alex made frequent contact with the team for the remainder of the event, as he struggled with worrying about Remy and his Dad, and feeling a bit lost and lonely while unexpectedly being at the event alone.